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Human Milk Bank & NeoNat Unit

e-Delphyn HMB is a fully Web-Based Software Solution. Customizable, Reliable and Secure, it has been developed in partnership with Milk Banks professionals for improving milk administration safety, efficiency and traceability of milk and milk products in the Milk Bank and in the Neo-Nat unit issuing the milk doses. Using bar-code technology, its user-friendly interface helps organizations saving time, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs by tracking all processes.

Comprehensive and scalable solution able to support operation structures of all sizes, from single site to multi-facility organizations. It can be implemented as a phased or modular deployment to suit the needs of the Hospital or Region. Flexible to add-on satellite Hospitals.

Human Milk Bank & NeoNat Unit


Feed Administration Safety
  • Eliminates identification, preparation and feeding errors.
  • Bedside Feed Administration Check.
  • Tracks expiring milk and prevents expired feeding.
  • Saves time and instills confidence with feeding.
  • Seamless integration with Hospital Systems.
  • Full Software Configurability allowing support for local Regulations and Guidelines.
  • Hardware, OS, Peripherals and Database Independent.
  • User Credentials compatible with all LDAP systems.
  • Communicability (Instrument Interfacing, HL7 support,...).
  • Full Audit Trail at all steps.
  • ISBT 128 Full Compliance.
  • Statistics, Reporting and KPI Dashboards.
  • Security and Access Rights based on User Credentials.
Cost Efficiency
  • Full Web-based Module (User only needs a browser).
  • Minimized User Training.
  • Low Cost of Ownership.
  • Hosted or Cloud-based.
Human Milk Bank